The Most Valuable Retail Brands in the World

The success of the eCommerce giants has helped the retail sector to become the fastest growing.

Amazon is the most valuable retail brand at the moment worldwide, according to the BrandZ study by Kantar Millward Brown , which confirms that the US online giant has had a 41% growth in its brand value in the last year.

According to data provided by BrandZ, which makes a ranking based on interviews with more than 3 million consumers and with the financial numbers of the firms, Amazon has a brand value of 40.100 million dollars. Related to our online Kroger employee portal guide is valuable for the Kroger associates to help them with necessary instructions.

Valuable Retail Brands Ranking

The brand is also the fourth in the global BrandZ Top 100 ranking, only surpassed by Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Amazon is the only retail representative in the top 10 overall.

Meanwhile, Alibaba , China’s e-commerce leader, has maintained its second place among BrandZ’s 20 retail brands with a brand value of $ 59.1 billion and growth of 20%.

Home Depot ranks third, growing 11% and worth $ 40.3 billion.

For its part, Walmart is the number 4 brand, with a growth of 2% to 27,900 million dollars; and closes the top 5 Ikea (+ 5%; 18,944 million).

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They are followed by Costco (+ 12%; 16,257 million), Lowe’s (+ 3%; 13,375 million), eBay (+ 7%; 12,365 million); and Aldi (+ 2%; 12,273 million).

The power of China in e-commerce is also reflected in the presence of for the first time in the Top 10 Retail, closing the positions of privilege with a brand value of 10.7 billion dollars, a growth of 3%.

Looking at the following ten retailers, we find other major food distribution companies. 7-eleven is in 13th place with 9,144 million brand value (-2%), followed by Target (8,660 million; -7%); Tesco (8,041 million; -10%); Lidl (7,193 million; + 5%); Carrefour (6,809 million; -12%) and Kroger (6,493 million; -18%).

Most, as can be seen, have lost brand value, but maintain their positions from last year. Only Lidl grows with that + 5% that allows it to rise from the 19th position in 2016 to the current 16th. If any Kroger employees had to access their benefits online at, detailed instructions on our article will be very useful.


The success of the e-commerce giants has helped the Retail sector to become the fastest growing sector in the BrandZ ranking this year, up 14% from 2016.

This is a long-term trend as e-commerce operators’ brand equity has risen more than 380% in the last 12 years, while traditional retailers have lost 23% of their overall value since 2006 (the ranking’s first year of publication).

Martin Wohlfart, Head of Sales & Client Management at Kantar Millward Brown, comments: “The pace of retail has always been fast, but in the last 12 years, since the BrandZ rankings began, the rules of the game have changed. Radically.

E-commerce has radically transformed the retail and brand landscape and these changes are set to accelerate Retail brands that do not offer a unique, customer-centric experience, whether online or offline, will continue to suffer. The future of retail is not what it used to be. “

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