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Kroger Employee Login: Kroger associates had to follow any of the employee portals to access the current job information, benefits, payments, and work timings.

The login portal is secured and can be accessed only by the active employees using their EUID (Enterprise USER ID) and password at each of the employee portals.

With this security authentication, employees of the Kroger supermarkets can access the application dashboard to view their employment work schedules, and paychecks, set up direct deposit, update personal details, get the w-2 form, and tax-filing instructions.

We were able to find some of the individual employee portals that are used daily by Kroger employees.

Kroger Employee Website Portal Login

kroger employee login

The information for each individual Kroger employee portal was updated with the latest information. Similar to this, customers can participate in the Krogerfeedback portal.

Kroger employees had to access several website portals based on their work needs.

The Kroger employee login portal can be accessed from anywhere (home/office) / Kroger store.

Based on the below option, employees can access the official website link below.

  • For Kroger paystubs – access the official website.
  • For Kroger schedules – visit the portal.
  • For Kroger Benefits – the Greatpeople portal at secureweb login.

Kroger Employee Login @

All updates regarding paycheck and monthly Kroger pay are notified on the expresshr official Kroger portal.

Employees had to access the official Kroger employee login at the website using their Enterprise user id and password.

After validation, employees can view their updated weekly paychecks online under the payment section from the menu.

 Kroger Employee Login

Kroger Employee Website @

The company had updated the Kroger Employee website to the latest version which allows employees to view their work scheduling through the eschedule menu on the portal. Previously, it is referred to as a work schedule.

The official portal of Kroger eschedule can be accessed at site using EUID and password. The website can be accessed only by current employees.

Kroger Employee Portal for Kroger Schedule

Earlier the Kroger employee portal was referred to as, which symbolically represents the employee as the great people are working at Kroger.

Later on, for security reasons the Kroger employee portal was moved to a secureweb login page. When the employees visit the Greatpeople Kroger portal, they get the latest information sources and news about Kroger Co & its store.

In general, if the employee needs to get access to this portal, they had to use their enterprise user id and password.

These are the company’s information security policies to track and monitor system usage. Kindly refer to the company’s frequently asked questions regarding the portal.

Kroger Employee Portal


WARNING: If you are not an employee of Kroger, Kindly AVOID using the Kroger employee website.

Any unauthorized access to the above website is tracked.

All the activities are monitored and necessary actions will be taken if found guilty.


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