Kroger ESS – SSO Login for Employees

Kroger ESS: Kroger Employees Self-Service login to access several employment tools through the online Kroger employee portal with the social security number, employee id, and password.

Kroger SSO Login acts as a single-sign-on process to view their work schedules, pay stubs, and many more.

Kroger ESS Login for Employees

ESS Kroger refers to Kroger Employee Self Service login for Kroger supermarket employees to view their paystubs, and benefits and connect with associates through the messaging platform.

Likewise, the Kroger ESS program can be accessed through a secure web application at

A separate website for Kroger customers to attend the Kroger feedback with a valid receipt.

kroger ess

Similar to this portal, Welcome to My Life at Kroger lets the employee view available work benefits at the portal.

Employees of Kroger can access the application from anywhere or from their homes.

This website area is only intended for the current associates or active employees of the Kroger Co family of companies ie., ralphs.

Have any trouble? Need support, contact the Kroger HR team for a solution.

Procedure to access Ess Kroger @

Did the store manager help you with how to access Kroger pay stubs through

No. Don’t worry, we will help with easy steps on how to view paychecks online at Kroger express hr.

  • Visit the official portal – Kroger ESS Login portal ie.,
  • Enter the enterprise user id and password.
  • Click on the “Agree” button and accept the terms and conditions.
  • After verification, employees can access the Employee dashboard.

DISCLAIMER: The online portal is for Kroger & Co employees only. When accessing the Kroger secure web portal, employees had to use their enterprise id and password.

NOTICE: Food 4 less HR express portal is the same as Express HR Kroger login for employees.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Unauthorized access to Express HR is strictly prohibited and severe actions will be taken by the judicial law and order. If employees are found to use the application other than the stated procedure then they are requested to explain the purpose.

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