Organization Culture and Strategic Human Resource Relations

Of the internal factors, HR strategies are most closely related to the foundation’s culture. Today, organizational culture plays an important role in winning competitive advantage for the firm. Just as the culture influences the goals of the organization and has an important role in the formation of its strategies and policies, it can either facilitate or hinder the implementation of strategies selected by the management. ExpressHR Kroger portal is used to view the Kroger paystubs online.

Companies with a strong corporate culture define parameters around how their employees should act and work. In companies with a weak culture, on the other hand, employees will find themselves wondering how and what they should be doing.

Those workers will end up wasting time trying to come up with their own ways of doing things. So Kroger company made a portal that employees can use the Express HR to access their work schedules, paystubs, and other benefits. In short, firms with weak cultures and without common values, beliefs and, behavior patterns, will fall behind those with strong cultures because they will not be able to be aggressive in the market or react quickly to changing environmental conditions.

The early elimination of alternatives that conflict with the firm’s culture and the ultimate selection of a strategy that is in line with the organization’s culture will help the firm avoid many potential difficulties in the future. Kroger Community rewards let the customers earn additional points.

If a strategy that is not in harmony with the firm’s culture is selected, there will be many complications during implementation. If resources cannot be diverted to overcome these problems, the initiative, however large or small it is, will be destined for failure.

In the opposite case, a firm that selects a strategy to match its strong culture will achieve success in its execution. When a strategy that is not contrary to common values, norms, and beliefs is selected, the organization’s members will make every effort to support it. Kroger employee work schedules can be found on the website using the employee’s enterprise user id and password to securely login to the portal.

The above section implies that there is a strong connection between corporate culture and strategy. Therefore it is absolutely critical that culture be kept in mind during a strategy selection session. The establishment of a corporate culture occurs when these organization’s members come together at the employee portal.

They establish common beliefs and values. Knowing this, strategic HRM must hire people that fit in with the culture and can wellness program the existing employees.

Strategic HRM needs to confirm that a qualified candidate’s norms and values are the same, or at least are similar to, the norms and values held by the people within the organization. Individuals that are hired, but who hold professional beliefs that are not the same as the organization, will most likely cause synergistic problems in the future with Kroger eschedules.

That is why orientation and training plays an important role in making sure there is a consistent corporate culture within the firm. HR can ease the process of disseminating a unified culture by organizing a variety of development programs that express the organization’s values, norms, and professional beliefs.

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