MyLifeAtKroger @【Formerly used to be YourKrogerBenefits】

Kroger Co had created MyLifeAtKroger, an online portal for current working employees or former associates to manage the Kroger benefits at My Life @ Kroger (also called as YourKrogerBenefits). Employees can access My Life at Kroger through the website address – using their enterprise user id and password. After mylifeatkroger login, employees can get access to their employee benefits from the dashboard.

When employees access the kroger co online portal, there are two options to choose from. They had to select either one of the options which are related to their employment.


Welcome to My Life At Kroger –

As of today, the mylifeatkroger employee website has gone through several changes, and now it’s known to be My Life @ Kroger. The Kroger Employee Login portal is specially used by current associates and former employees to get to know about the various employee work benefits which are available for them.

Two Option available on My Life at Kroger Login page are:

  • Current Associates
  • Retiree or Spouse/Domestic Partner

Kroger employees had earlier used the YourKrogerBenefits portal to get access the employee benefits online. But now, since there was an update regarding this. Associates and former employees had to access the MyLife@Kroger portal. ExpressHR Kroger can be used to view the employee’s monthly/weekly paystubs online.

My Life at Kroger Benefits & Features

When people became an employee of the company, it offers a wide range of Kroger benefits regarding the employee’s health, life, and complete medical care for their family. Likewise, as an employee of Kroger, Kroger co takes care of their employee with many benefits.

These employee benefits can be accessed through Kroger Express hr and which makes the employment task simple. When the employees use this portal, they can log in to & log in to ExpressHR Kroger.

If employees want to get Kroger Eschedule, then visit the official website to get employee work shift timings and schedule online.

Kroger Benefits

Kroger employees/associates whey they shop at any Kroger Stores can avail 10% discount on their purchase.

As a part of the company benefits policy, current employees and former associates of Kroger can access their medical plans, vision plans, health plan, dental plans, and many more.

Along with the health and medical plan, Kroger offers a short-term and long-term disability for its associates under the Kroger Benefits plan.

Also, there are several benefits which include our 401k retirement savings plan, company stocks at a discounted price, Kroger life insurance, personal accident insurance, and a dependent flexible care spending account. All these can be accessed through the online portal. Kroger Email for employees can be accessed through Kroger VPN Login.

Employees can also check the group house/auto insurance and group legal insurance program for themselves and their families.

Being an employee of Kroger, these benefits are available on the portal. Some additional benefits are purchase discounts on the goods, educational resources for employee training, vehicle purchases, mobile plans, and many others.

How to Access Mylifeatkroger Login

Our guide for Kroger employees on how to access the mylifeatkroger employee website and get access to several employee benefits online. Since the website has been updated lately. The website portal has 2 options for current employees and former associates. Kindly choose the respective option based on the employee employment status. Based on the two option, we had shared the step by step guide on how to use the employee login information to access the employee benefits.

As Current Associate:

My Life at Kroger Login

  • From the official portal, Click on the first option – Current Associates “Log In >” or click the above button. The login page will be redirected to SecureWeb Login.
  • Enter the Enterprise User ID and password.
  • Click on the “I Agree” button to continue the login process.

Register as Retire or Spouse/Domestic Partner

Former associates had to register with the portal to access their kroger benefits. If you are logging in for the first time, employees had to register their username and password with the employee account. Follow the below steps to get started.

  • From the page, click on the Login button under the Retire or Spouse/ Domestic partner section.
  • Find the First time login button, to continue registration.
  • Enter the required details such as Last name, Four-digit SSN, Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD) and continue.
  • The login credentials will be sent directly to your registered phone number.
  • Kindly use the login information to get access to the portal.

Related to this, Kroger employee paystubs can be views at the ESS Kroger Online portal at

Mylife@Kroger Login as Retire or Spouse/Domestic Partner

  • From the official portal (, click on the second option – Retiree or Spouse/Domestic partner “Log In >” or click the above button.
  • Enter the username and password
  • Click on the “Login” button to complete the process.

If there is any trouble accessing my life at Kroger, kindly contact the Kroger customer service or manager to assist with any support. Feel free to comment below. Our website provides several guides for Kroger associates on their employment activities.

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