How should Kroger Employees Interact with the Customers?

Kroger has invested more than $1 billion to reward their associates and safeguard associates because providing an excellent customer experience begins with associates.

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Kroger has always sought out pleasant and compassionate people who live their organization’s purpose to Feed the Human Spirit.

So in return, Kroger establishes specific rules for its employees to follow: to provide the greatest possible shopping experience for their customers.

Role and Skill-Based Traning

Kroger’s role and the skill-based program focused on retail store teams. This program provides skill development to increase technical knowledge, subject matter expertise, and confidence to give the most outstanding customer experience possible.

They assist colleagues in nurturing and developing talents that will benefit them in their present jobs and prepare them for the next step in their careers.

Associates in the Kroger family of companies advance and enjoy Careers with Promise as they move from division to division and store to store. Below are the essential job skills associates taught to keep customers relaxed and feel fun to shop.

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Greeting and Helping

Kroger instructed every employee to welcome each buyer within a 5-foot radius and approach them for help with a kind smile and a cheerful attitude, even on the worst of days.

Whether a person appears to need help or not, welcoming them and asking for it is the basic guideline for associates. A good aura may improve anyone’s spirits in a matter of seconds.


Kroger has the most straightforward guideline for associates: Customers who get greeted with compassion and a welcoming attitude are less likely to give any difficulty than those who come off as harsh or arrogant. This is one of the top hiring qualities for the employees.

So, when serving a customer, keeping a grin on the face will aid them to the best of associate ability while also showing them patience.

How to assist people

To help the customers, Kroger instructed its workers to help someone with things that were not even in their department; they could not say no. They must assist clients by walking with them to the item location, rather than simply pointing out the location of the item they want.

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There can be instances when associated don’t know anything about a specific item; therefore, they need to contact another associate about the product to serve the consumer better.

Conclusion: Kroger always works to make their stores a place where consumers like shopping and associates enjoy working. That’s why they strive to establish work cultures in which colleagues are encouraged and supported to be their best selves every day.

As a result, there is no limit to what people may do at Kroger or where they can go because Kroger always accelerates and promotes more substantial transformation in the workplace and the communities it serves.


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