Kroger along with Microsoft, Plans to Creates the Supermarket Of the Future

The two companies will launch a store automation platform that will be built on Microsoft Azure to compete with Amazon’s cashless stores.

Here is the partnership deal to have a digital shelving system that was announced last year, is now being introduced across several Kroger stores.

These shelves can be changed in real-time from anywhere, and they can also display promotions, diet information, and more.

Ultimately, a customer creates a shopping list in advance through the Kroger app, and as the app guides them through the store, the shelf display changes to a customer-set image so they can easily spot what they’re looking for.

Microsoft also sees another possibility for the platform: streamline the work of employees in the store. Related to this, do refer to the Kroger Express HR Login to update employee information, paystubs, w2 form, w-4 change, direct deposit, and many more.

According to the company, smart shelves can allow prices to be adjusted automatically. They can also help employees find things faster when processing orders online.

The platform’s visual tips can cut the time it takes to pick up ordered products in half, according to the company.

Furthermore, the platform should help in the management of the store.

At the Kroger test locations, the cameras are connected to Azure video analytics services, which monitor the shelves. This determines when the products need to be supplemented.

Temperature sensors in the cooling compartments monitor the coolers to ensure they remain at the correct temperature.

Microsoft and Kroger plan to sell their platform to brick-and-mortar stores that are now struggling to keep up with Amazon, which plans to build 3,000 cash-free stores.

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