Drone Delivery Test Across many regions in the United States.

Kroger launched a pilot project delivery by drones for groceries in the coming months. The supermarket chain partnered with Drone Express to deliver items such as baby products, over-the-counter medications, and picnic supplies weighing up to 2 kg to a test store in Centerville, Ohio, United States. Also, view the expresshr login portal for Kroger employees.

Supermarket starts drone delivery tests

The company says that the supplies will be transported by “certified drone pilots under FAA approval”. A press release suggests that deliveries can be made to physical addresses, as well as to parks or beaches, by going to the customer’s location on the smartphone.

Kroger is partnering with Drone Express to deliver packages of up to 2 kg. As part of the pilot, Kroger is designing bundled product offerings that fit the size and weight restrictions of Drone Express vehicles. Products can be delivered in up to 15 minutes.

“Standalone drones have unlimited potential to improve everyday life and our technology paves the way for safe, secure, and environmentally friendly deliveries for Kroger customers,” said Beth Flippo, CTO at Kroger.

“The possibilities for customers are endless. We can allow customers to send chicken soup to a sick friend or receive quick delivery of olive oil if it runs out during dinner preparation, ”adds Flippo. Kroger employees had to use the Kroger schedule login to view their weekly work schedules from feed.kroger.com eschedule option.

A Drone Express flight management trailer parked at Kroger. Test flights will begin this week at the Kroger Marketplace in Centerville, with flights managed from an on-site trailer with additional outdoor monitoring.

A second pilot program is scheduled to be launched mid-year at California Ralphs.

Source: The Verge

How the proof of delivery impacts customer satisfaction

Delivery has become a strategic factor for e-commerce companies. More than being fast, it needs to be transparent, with visibility to the customer, and without friction.

In addition to the impact on reputation, these points also have a relevant weight on customer loyalty. Therefore, logistics matters at each point of contact, including when proof of delivery.

The use of verification tools and delivery alerts helps to improve the way your company communicates with the end customer, guarantees the quality of the service, in addition to optimizing the work of the SAC. Kroger employee login lets them access the employee login benefits, work schedules, paystubs, tax filling, and many more.

These resources allow the identification and resolution of problems more quickly, demonstrating competence and commitment to those who hire your service.

An example of this type of tool is the SMS alert, used by the AgileProcess system, which informs the end customer about the status of the delivery through messages such as “your delivery is arriving in approximately 15 minutes”.

Without the need for the customer to install a specific application, the system also allows the sending of responses by SMS. Thus, it is possible to alert the carrier that it will not be possible to receive the goods at that time.

This updated information eliminates the need for the customer to spend all day waiting for the order and prevents the driver from going to the service unnecessarily, which optimizes the time and generates savings for your business.

In addition, SMS alert systems demonstrate personalization and attention to customer service, as they make it clear to the customer that your company values your time and your convenience when receiving an order.

Other actions to improve communication with the end customer are the creation of surveys, contact management through social networks, and spaces for sending questions.

In addition, a customer satisfaction survey also has an impact on winning new customers. After all, feedback from those who have already used the service (and left satisfied) is one of the best indicators of quality and reference construction in the market.

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